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In a "vocational course abroad", in addition to gaining greater technical knowledge in your area of expertise, you will have the opportunity to get along with professionals from different parts of the world, and thus gain a more global view of your market.

In addition to lessons, living in a foreign country for some time, understanding your culture and local habits, will surely help you to be a more complete professional.

*  Minimum time: 3 months

*  Maximum time: 2 years

*  Minimum age: 18 years

*  Stay:  Student campus, house, hotel

*  Courses areas:  Law, Marketing, Business, etc.

*  Dates:  there are specific dates to apply

*  Requisites:  middle school completed, advanced English,

*  Specific education requisite: professional experience in the area

The University Extension courses are taught at Universities abroad and Generally a little professional or educational experience is required in the area of activity.
Some college extension programs require that you have completed university level and also have other prerequisites such as: minimum age, advanced language level and, depending on your chosen course, proven professional experience. The duration of this type of program can vary between 3 months and 1 year.

The Vocational Course is a great option for those who want to acquire more knowledge in an area and improve the perspectives in their future professional career. Also, perfect a foreign language and gain international experience.
Vocational courses generally do not require you to have completed university level, but there are some prerequisites to fulfill such as: minimum age, full high school, advanced language level and, depending on the course chosen, a little professional or educational experience in the area of operation.

Für Profis

If you have already mastered a foreign language, this is a great option to gain international experience, develop new skills and open career perspectives.


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