Für Jugendliche | An Feiertagen

Aimed at children and teens from 7 to 17 years old, Teen Exchange or Vacation Exchange takes place in January and July and mixes language learning with leisure activities and lots of fun!


The course can be done in several countries and has two modalities: in a group, where the student will be with a class and with an individual, for those who already feel prepared to embark on their own and make friends around the world while perfecting another language.

*  Minimum time:  2 weeks

*  Maximum time:  4 months

*  Ages:  7 to 17 years old

*  Stay:  Student campus / House

*  For Individuals:  Any time of the year

*  For Groups:  January and July of every year

*  Countries:  USA, Canada, Ireland, UK, Malta, Australia

*  Some of the cities:  San Francisco, Montreal, Dublin, London, Sydney

For Groups

The groups always happen on school holidays in January and July, and have closed dates. The Group counts on the support of the School during the trip, will give all the necessary support to the travelers from beginning to end of the trip.

For Individuals

Individual travel happens all year-round, and even if you go it alone, the student will have all the assistance of the School, which will provide the necessary support.

Für Jugendliche
An Feiertagen

Ideal for children and teens aged 7 to 17, "for Teens on Holidays" is a unique chance to learn a new language while on vacation and live an unforgettable experience.


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