High School Studies

Made for anyone who is already in high school or will start it soon, you can study in a school in another country for up to a school year and have an incredible exchange experience.

In addition to having the opportunity to live the day-to-day life of another culture, this will certainly be your gateway to the largest universities in the world. Students may study in public or private institutions in any of the countries in which the program is available.

*  Minimum time:  1 school semester

*  Ages: 14 to 18 years old

*  Stay:  School campus or House

*  What is it:  its a High School Program taken abroad

*  School types:  Public or Private

*  Countries:  USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand

*  Programs start:  Jan / Feb or July / August

*  Requisites: currently studying Middle School with good notes

*  English level:  intermediate

*  First steps:  current school checks / current language level

*  Passport & Visa:  Student visa needed (we assist with the process)

*  Where to stay:  we assist with the decision process

*  Type of School:  we assist with the decision process

Comments about Public Schools:

Abroad, the difference in the quality of teaching between public and private schools is not great as in Brazil. By choosing this option, you will study together with most of the local students. The school environment is more relaxed and, hardly, uniformly required. If you seek authentic contact with another culture, this is the option! Also to note, most Public Schools are free.



If you are already in high school or will start it soon, this is the time to have the much desired international experience by studying at a college in another country.

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